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Jun 7, 2023

We’re back with some big news…

It’s the end of an era.

If you've listened to any of our past podcast episodes on vision or gone through any of our programs you know that we believe in creating a vision that has three phases.

The idea is to create milestones for each phase that will signal when it’s time to move onto the next.  Ideally you’re always building a strong foundation for your future phases, and recently, we’ve hit some milestones that indicate it’s time for us to move to the next phase of our vision.

We want to turn Clockwork into a household name, the “Energy Star Rating” of small business, and in order to do that… 

We are closing our accelerator program this October.

What does this mean?
What about our clients?

That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this episode of the podcast!

If you have questions after listening, or want to chat about Accelerator, you can visit to learn more and book a call.