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Feb 23, 2022

We’re back this week with one of my favorite types of podcast episodes - celebrating a 4 Week Vacation!

This is the ultimate litmus test of a Clockwork business, and I love getting the opportunity to learn about the different strategies people use to get there!


In this episode, Adrienne interviews Johnathan Milligan,...

Feb 16, 2022

We often think of inspiration similar to how we think of lightning… it’s wild and unpredictable and very hard to channel.

And there are no doubt similarities, would anyone actually want to live in a lightning storm all the time? It sounds loud and chaotic.  
Very much not for me. 


Instead, we need to...

Feb 9, 2022

We are getting close to wrapping up our Vision series here on the podcast. In this series you've heard us talk about casting a vision for your company as the Captain of your ship, the Clockwork 3 Phase Vision tool, getting your team engaged with your vision, and heard from several amazing Clockworkers share how vision...

Feb 2, 2022

We have loved sharing our Vision series with you, it’s been such a great way to begin the year for us, and we have been getting such great feedback from you, our fellow clockworkers, about how you’ve been revisiting and revising your visions.

So far we’ve shared about what yacht captains + business leaders have...