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Jul 22, 2020

Today we’re doing something fun! We’re answering your community questions! If you’re not yet inside our new, free Run Like Clockwork Community, what are you waiting for?! When you join, you also get a Clockwork Roadmap Trello board that takes you step by step through the Clockwork process.


A few weeks ago we had an “Ask Anything” inside the community and some great questions were asked, so I’m answering them right here, right now.


Questions Adrienne answers are:

  • Some things in the business seem awfully sensitive to share, how do you decide who to share them with, especially when preparing for and during a 4-week vacation?
  • Has anyone hired during COVID? We are looking to bring on another developer, but for now are all working from home. Eventually we will all be back in the office... but how are you interviewing? Face to face? Video chat? This is new territory for us all!
  • If our brand promise is in the ballpark but is not a homerun, we will be using our resources and everything to protect a QBR that delivers a promise that may not be one that adds the most value to customers. Any comments or advice on revising the brand promise?


I hope that the answers I give to these questions is helpful for you, too. And if you have more questions, join us inside the Run Like Clockwork Community!