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Mar 24, 2021

Our goal is to help YOU design a business + team that runs like Clockwork… so you can take a fully unplugged 4 week vacation from your business!


Our goal at Run Like Clockwork: 200 CEOs taking a 4-week vacation


We have found there are two types of overworked and overwhelmed business owners: 

  1. Those who are desperate to take a 4-week vacation without their business falling apart… and
  2. Those who love their work so “vacation” doesn’t really appeal, but they want/need to be ready for other life events (health, maternity leave, moving, aging parents, etc) that happen so they can step away without their business falling apart.

In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, you will hear from a few of our many Clockwork students who have taken 4-week vacations for various reasons! That is reason to CELEBRATE on this 100th episode for sure!


You will hear:

  • Michelle Cooper shares about her experience Clockworking her company,  Alchemy Accounting, for more profit and less pressure. Michelle is a phenomenal example of leading her team into clarity, efficiency and a 4-week vacation in India in 2021!
  • Before Clockwork, Kevin Rogers, CEO of Copy Chief, couldn’t imagine taking 4-weeks off without business hitting the fan. Now, he’s confident his team of young free-lancers are prepared and systems in place so he can take 4 weeks off to vacation and write a book he’s had inside for a long time. 
  • Before Clockwork, Katie and Elle, Co-Founders of Wellevation HQ, each took a maternity leave. Now they are each taking their second maternity leave back to back after having Clockworked their business through the Accelerator program. Their experiences during their first and second maternity leaves are drastically different...for the better now!
  • Julie Herres, owner of Green Oak Accounting, shares how Clockwork helped her turn her anxiety worrying how her business would continue running while she was away on the cruise to now removing herself almost completely from her business while it continues to grow and serve!
  • Tony + Meg Rulli, Co-Founders of Intentional Spark, share how taking a 4-week vacation in Europe trained them to not inject themselves back into the day to day of their business.

What would you do on a 4-week vacation? When was the last time you took a real vacation from your business?


As you’ll hear in this episode, Clockwork is less about you taking a 4-week vacation from your business, and more about your business taking a 4-week vacation from YOU. If you’d like to understand more about why the 4-week vacation, we have a great blog post you can read here. 


Now is the perfect time to prepare your business for a 4-week vacation!


If you are ready to design your business + team to run itself and get your 4-week vacation on the calendar in the next 12 months, then we’d love to support you in our Clockwork Accelerator. You can apply at