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Nov 20, 2019

Generosity is one of our core values at RLC and one of my personal core values too. It’s something that we’ve baked into our culture and into our company and I know many of our current and past clients are also motivated by generosity and value it deeply and end up incorporating giving into their culture and business models too. 


There are 3 ways to give:

  • Money -- give money to a cause you care about. Work this into your business model so that it’s not an afterthought that you never have money for, but rather a part of the pricing + financial model! If you can’t give 10%, start with 1%. This is about building a HABIT. It will be much harder to give away $100,000 once you make a $1Million if you’ve never given away anything before, believe me! Start small with stretching that muscle and habit. 
  • Expertise -- give of your strengths / expertise to a non-profit organization that may need it! We have a scholarship fund and application process where we award non-profit founders with access to our Accelerator program -- non-profits operate just like businesses, with way smaller operating budgets and they need operations support -- so that’s one way we can give back and create a ripple effect with our impact. 
  • Time -- give your time in service of their cause. Giving your time will help you feel more connected to the cause as you see the impact right away. It also creates tons of perspective on how much you currently have and helps you increase your own gratitude.  


Have open hands -- we often feel that if we don’t hold on tightly to our money, it will slip away, but when you open your hands and give it allows even more to flow back to you. You allow the dollars to leave and the freedom to enter. 


Pick one of these 3 ways of baking generosity into your own business and get started! Set goals for yourself of how you’re going to incorporate the other ways in the future. Start with the one that feels easiest + most accessible right now, and then build from there!

Share with us on Instagram what you’re going to start with, we can’t wait to hear how you decide to bring more generosity to the culture through this exercise!