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Jun 21, 2023

What would your life look like if you could take the entire summer off to RV around the country with your partner?

Does that goal feel within reach, or totally out of the realm of possibility?

For Nicole Bandes, owner of Virtual A Team, being able to take that time off was a non-negotiable. Despite owning a business that supports clients in delegation and project management, Nicole still found herself stuck in the weeds. 


It’s a hard truth, but even the most systems-minded people still sometimes need a framework like Clockwork to use as a jumping off point., hence why she found herself in the Accelerator, clockworking her virtual assistant business.


As of recording, Nicole was 2-weeks out from a 9-week vacation and she has lots of tips to share in this episode about how to make that your reality, too!


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If you know Clockworking your business with our support is the next step for you, join us in the Clockwork Accelerator!

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