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Jun 14, 2023

Every month Team RLC nominates and votes on which of our incredible clients will win the coveted “Clockie” award.

It’s something we started to recognize the hard work of our students, because we know how challenging it can be to build new habits and respect the new boundaries that Clockworking can bring.

We’ve even designed a custom trophy for them, that’s how serious we take it!

On today’s episode Emily interviews Chris Vazquez, owner of SoundLife Music Academy and guitarist in Air Supply.

Due to the nature of when most people are looking to take music lessons, many people think that this is an impossible business model to Clockwork, but Chris is here to prove that all wrong!

He shares a ton of  insights on what it’s like to build a sustainable music school while also maintaining a rich and wonderful life outside of it…


And shares some cool stories from his touring days!


Want to learn more about Chris? Check him out on Instagram @cvazquezguitar, or at SoundLife Music Academy.


If you know Clockworking your business with our support is the next step for you, join us in the Clockwork Accelerator!

Need to talk to Gio from our team to get a few more details? Book a call with him here!