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Sep 20, 2022

I'm sure some of you out there can relate that there are a certain set of challenges that come with trying to run a business with a partner.

Whether it’s a platonic or romantic partnership, having two captains for your ship can add an extra layer of complexity to your Clockworking. 

This week on the podcast Adrienne is joined by her Co-founder (who also happens to be her husband), Tyler to discuss all the ups and downs of running a business and growing their family together. 

Nothing is off the table in this candid conversation about:

  • How they’ve struggled to release control.
  • What their day-to-day lives look like now with 2 kids.
  • The impact clockworking can have on a CEO’s creativity.
  • And most importantly… what they now know is possible for the future of the business. 

Tyler and Adrienne aren’t an anomaly.  These are the typical types of results our students get when they put their all into Clockworking the business.