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Jul 6, 2022

Just over a year ago, on this episode, we interviewed Julia O’Grady about her experience Clockworking her business ITM Events during the pandemic.

We get a ton of positive feedback and general curiosity about how Julia’s business is doing now that her industry is opening back up… so we knew we had to have her on again.


Julia is an incredibly valued member of our RLC community and is notoriously generous when it comes to sharing her experiences, so there is no topic off the table in this interview.

In this week's episode, she opens up about:

  • What worked and didn’t work about Clockworking while business was really slow
  • The unconventional (for her industry) boundaries she and her team live by
  • How she has shifted their culture around valuing time as a commodity
  • And soooo much more.

These are the important topics and conversations that we here at RLC want every CEO to be having.

The myth around “work/life balance” is crumbling.
Perpetuating hustle culture isn’t something to be proud of.

Team members aren’t putting up with toxic leadership styles anymore

And to that, we say… finally. 


You can learn more about Julia and the work she does here, and you can connect with us to learn more about Clockworking your business at