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Jun 22, 2022

Well, we did it!

Team RLC passed the final Clockworking test for our company – we planned, preppedt and hosted a brand new 2-day live event totally without Adrienne.

While we have considered ourselves “Clockworked” for a while, meaning Adrienne can be completely removed from the day-to-day of the business, she is still the face of the company.

So when she announced her second pregnancy to the team and her intention to take a longer maternity leave this time, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to put ourselves to the test and see how well our team could perform under the ultimate stress test. 

In this episode Emily, Julie, and Gabbi talk through exactly what this process has been like over the past few months… all the highlights, obstacles, and learnings from the team.

They also offer a few words of advice to other teams who are about to undergo their own 4-week vacations so they can be as smooth sailing as this was.

This was a massive milestone for team RLC, and we don’t hold anything back in this debrief. 

You can learn more about how to make this a reality inside your own business at