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Mar 2, 2022

There is no denying that the job market looks vastly different now than it did a few years ago. 

The pandemic has changed the landscape, and there is a lot of unease around the "Great Resignation".

This is why we knew it was time to dedicate a whole series to the hiring process! 

We want to share more about what we're actually seeing, both as we build Team RLC and support our clients through their hiring, onboarding, and retention processes.

In this episode Adrienne covers:

  • The #1 reason it feels hard to find quality candidates right now.
  • What new team members are actually looking for.
  • The strategies you can use to position yourself as a dream place to work…

Because the key to building a dream team is to be a dream place to work, and if you need a little support to get your business ship-shape, you can visit to learn more about how we can help.