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Nov 24, 2021

What do PB + J, Tom + Jerry, Thanksgiving + turkey have in common? They're all epic duos that are close to inseparable. Today we're focusing on another inseparable duo: autonomy + delegation. Can't have one without the other as a business leader developing a team!


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne + Danielia share strategies for creating a culture of autonomy, which is foundational for effective delegation.


In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • The critical importance of not wearing all the hats
  • How to encourage your team to take risks
  • Why you should expect and embrace failure as part of experimentation
  • The long-term value of investing time, head space, and energy early on delegating (not getting stuck in the deciding or doing loop)


Tired of working 80-hour weeks?  Tired of paying someone to do a job you end up doing anyway?


Then you need to join the Delegate to Accelerate Bootcamp where you'll learn the 13 secret ingredients you need to delegate anything off your plate...without it ever bouncing back!

During this 2-week experience on December 3rd-16th, you will learn how to:

→ Get clear on what you’re doing, that should actually be done by someone else.

→ Learn how to stop turning your team members into task rabbits!

→ Identify your highest value activities to the business that are actually going to move the needle forward.

→ Free yourself from the role of micro-manager!

→ Feel confident in your delegation skills so you can create and hold better boundaries!

You can't afford to keep getting these wrong; it is costing you way TOO MUCH!


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