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Sep 8, 2021

Do you ever get to the end of the week, or even the end of the day, and think “wow! I really dropped the ball!”? Of course you have. We all have! Nora Roberts said “the key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass.” 


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne expands on Nora Robert’s powerful analogy to help you reframe your perspective on “dropping the ball” through a lens of prioritization + efficiency.


Topics Adrienne covers in this episode:

  • A powerful quote by author Nora Roberts
  • The connection between juggling, prioritization, and the QBR
  • How to know when it’s okay to drop the ball


This episode also gives you an insider’s view into the weekly Monday Mindset calls we have for our students inside our Accelerator program. We got such a flood of feedback on how powerful this particular topic was that we decided to share it with you all, too, on the podcast!


If you would like support in prioritization and efficiency in your business, we'd love to work with you! Apply for our Accelerator program. You will also get instant access to a free, private training all about “How to take your 4 week vacation in the next 12 months” which dives deep into how to design your business + team that runs itself.