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Jul 29, 2020

When your drive for achievement is strong, your celebration needs to be strong, too! 


At Team Run Like Clockwork, we are big on goal setting, metrics to keep us on track, and celebrating wins along the way. We know as business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in the inertia of the day to day or else fixated on the huge, visionary goals.


On this week’s Team Takeover episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily, RLC Lead Coach and Director of Programming, and Laurie, RLC Coach and Profit First Professional, celebrate some incredible testimonials from clients who have completed a year of Clockworking inside our Accelerator + Continuum programs! So much to celebrate...and so much for you to look forward to in your business when you Clockwork it!


In this episode, Emily + Laurie talk about personal + professional wins to be celebrating in a year and the different ways you can win with Clockwork. They highlight 4 business leaders who have a whole lot to celebrate: systems, team, goals, communication skills, and a whole lot of vacations happening!


What will YOU be celebrating in a year?!


If you haven’t yet, join our free Run Like Clockwork Community along with hundreds of like-minded business owners all working towards the same goal: to design a business + team that runs like Clockwork and to take a 4-week, completely unplugged vacation - like a BOSS!


You can join at


If you have taken your 4-week vacation, we want to know! Go to , fill in the form and give us all the details on how your 4-week vacation went… we have something special to send you to congratulate you on all your hard work!


So much to CELEBRATE!