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Oct 7, 2020

How can you clockwork your team when you are so often needed to jump in and fix everything for everyone? When this happens, the truth is, YOU are the bottleneck. In the Clockwork process, Mike Michalowicz and Adrienne Dorison created the ACDC framework to help you and your team identify bottlenecks coming before it even becomes a problem.


The four major stages in the flow of business are Attracting prospects, Converting prospects into clients, Delivering the promised offering to clients, and Collecting payment in return: ACDC.


On  this week’s Team Takeover of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Laurie, one of the RLC coaches inside the Accelerator program, talks about how to identify if you have a bottleneck in your business and what to do when you find one using the ACDC framework.


In this episode, Laurie covers:


  • The four major stages of flow in business
  • Specific examples of what a bottleneck in each of the ACDC categories might look like
  • Which bottleneck to tackle first if you have more than one
  • The double helix conundrum that most business owners experience
  • Why building out an ACDC metrics dashboard is help monitor and balance metrics for consistent growth. (Learn more about how to build out a metrics dashboard on this previous episode: More on Metrics)

And as always, we’re continuing the conversation over in our free Run Like Clockwork Community! We’d love to hear your ACDC and Clockwork questions!