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Jan 29, 2020

A common complaint or fear we hear from owners regularly is — “I’m super excited and invested in clockworking my business… my team just doesn’t seem to care as much. How do I get them to care as much as me?”


We get it! When it’s not your business, inherently the stakes aren’t as high.


While Adrienne is on her 4 week vacation/maternity leave, Emily & Laurie do a Team Takeover episode and share 3 ways that you can get your team to care more about the business.

  1. Share the vision for your company with the team. Be bold, open, and share your biggest dreams, and explain how each team member will fit into that.


  1. Clockworking is a revolution!!! This doesn’t just benefit the boss… it benefits our society! Want more practical examples? Check out Episode 28: Mike’s Best 4-week Vacation Tips


  1. Have an open and honest conversation about what owning a business is like for your life, and how it impacts you and your life.  Adrienne + Tyler demonstrate this beautifully in episode 26: 3 Lessons from a Week-long Vacation

Excited to get started clockworking and get your team on board too? Grab our Clockwork Quickstart Guide! It has links to resources that will benefit you + your team so you can start designing a business + team that runs itself!