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Jun 5, 2019

BIG Clockwork update! I’m pregnant y’all!


We’re going to be taking you behind the scenes as we baby-proof and Clockwork our own business over the next 7 months. Business + babies has been something I’ve been a huge advocate for since the inception of Clockwork as I know so many women are afraid of bringing a child into the equation for fear of what it may do to the business. I want to use this process to show you that you CAN have both and that Clockwork is the perfect tool to give yourself the space you need when baby arrives, while still allowing the business to run + grow without you being there.


This isn’t about just putting everything on hold when baby joins you, it’s all about how to make sure things KEEP GOING even when you’re sleep deprived, breastfeeding constantly and confused about what day it is.


Connect with me over on instagram and let me know if there’s anything you want me to cover as we go through this baby-proofing series! @adriennedorison, @rlclockwork.


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