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Apr 5, 2023

“You cannot Clockwork as a leader if you’re unwilling to change.”


Donna Lim from Sooter Consulting joined us in 2019 for a live event and began her Clockwork journey.


Like everything else in business, the process had its ups and downs, but after losing two managers in a year, and with her goal of being semi-retired in the next 5 years creeping up on her, she knew it was time to take it a little more seriously and join us again.


As a recent winner of our coveted Clockie award, she joins Adrienne on this episode to get candid about the self-reflection, personal growth, and tough conversations required for her to keep moving toward that goal. 


Her best advice?


Come into the community of Clockworkers! I tried it on my own. It wasn't working. I am amazed at how many times I go to a call specifically with a question in mind going, "how could I have ever tried to do this by myself?".


We’re so grateful to have Donna as part of our community.


If you know Clockworking your business with our community is the next step for you, join us in the Clockwork Accelerator, now!

Need to talk to Gio from our team to get a few more details? Book a call with him here!