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May 4, 2022

The best part of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast is having the chance to share the stories of our amazing Clockworkers, and on this episode we are joined by Brenda Blakenship, owner of Express The Hearts School of Performing Arts. 


After 24 years in business, Brenda was ready for some operational changes to her business and new that Clockworking would give her the freedom she was looking for.

She chats with Julie about her success over the last few years, including taking test vacations during their 2 busiest times of the year!


She also shares with us about the heartbreaking health scare that hit her family during the last week of her 4-week vacation, and how her team was able to give her the gift of all the time she needed to focus on her family

Brenda is proof that Clockworking is not something that can wait for a rainy day, and that being prepared for the unexpected is the most responsible thing you can do for both yourself and your team.

If you’re ready to implement clockwork so you too can be prepared for whatever is coming your way, you can learn more at


You can learn more about Brenda at