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Apr 27, 2022

You asked, we’re answering!


We’ve been talking about hiring and retaining your staff for a few weeks now and we have been loving all the questions you’ve been asking in response.

This is such a nuanced process and can be very specific to the season your business is in, so we knew we needed to dedicate an entire show to it.

In this weeks episode Emily answers your top hiring questions, like:

  • How many steps is our hiring process
  • Where find quality candidates
  • How can we be sure that applicants are not just telling us what we want to hear? 
  • How to make sure you're hiring practices are diverse, equitable and inclusive
  • How do we make our part time team members feel as included as full time

If these answers just brought up more questions for you, maybe it’s time to check out to learn more about Clockworking your business.