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May 26, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’re running your company and doing all the business things, but it just feels like something is missing? A piece that pulls things together, a role you need to hire, a system that makes your process clear and cohesive… that thing that makes it all feel real.


Our guest on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast is Clockwork student, Julia O’Grady, Founder of ITM Events. Julia shares how Clockwork helped her shift from going through the business motions to now feeling like her company is real.  Julia scaled back her business to give herself space to heal, then stepped into Clockwork when she was refreshed and ready to grow in a way that supports her and your clients well.


Topics Julia + Emily discuss on this episode:

  • The two sides of continuous improvement
  • The missing piece Julia hadn’t shared with the team until Clockwork
  • How Clockwork gives confidence at networking events
  • The value + importance of redefining success for yourself


Maybe, like Julia, you woke up one day completely burnt out and realized the business you built is not serving you nor your customers to its fullest potential. Maybe you just can’t put your finger on what’s “missing.” Clockwork will help you identify that piece and create better systems that give you immense clarity to grow efficiently.


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