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Sep 18, 2020

Everyone’s tipping point for Clockworking their business is different. Preparing for a major life event, illness, having time to start another business, vacation, scaling income + impact. You name it, we’ve heard it... and whatever it is, it’s a great reason!

On this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne speaks with Julie Herres, the owner of Green Oak Accounting and one of our founding Clockwork students. For Julie, her tipping point was preparing for a Disney Cruise with her family. She shares how Clockwork helped her turn her anxiety worrying how her business would continue running while she was away on the cruise to now removing herself almost completely from her business while it continues to grow and serve!

Adrienne + Julie have a great discussions about:

  • Why you should delegate the outcome, not the task
  • Pivoting from an in-office team to working remotely
  • Deciding vs Delegating
  • What your team needs to know in order to be prepared for the unexpected
  • The reward of removing yourself from your business

Julie’s journey with Clockworking from cruise anxiety to taking a 4-week vacation while her business + team runs like clockwork is so freaking inspiring and what Clockwork is all about!

No matter what gets you started, there are so many external and internal rewards of removing yourself from your business through Clockwork. We would love to hear what resonated most with you! Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork + @greenoakacct

If you’re overwhelmed, overworked and worried about what would happen to your business if you stepped away for awhile, then I want to invite you to a free training coming up:

Clockwork Roadmap: 7 Foundational Steps to Build a Scalable Business that Runs Itself, Wed Sept 23 or Thur Sept 24.

You will learn:

  • How to remove yourself as the linchpin.
  • How to scale your business faster.
  • How to do it ALL without the added stress!


Take back your time to actually enjoy the things YOU want to!