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Dec 4, 2019

The Clockwork baby countdown is ON and Adrienne is taking you behind the scenes this week into her own 4-week maternity leave / vacation preparation. And the first question we’ve got to dig into for all the mama’s out there is … WHY a 4-week maternity leave?! 


For some of you, taking 4-weeks away would be a dream, and for others, you feel it’s not enough. And in this episode Adrienne shares a behind the scenes look at her own decision to take 4 weeks away once the newest Clockwork baby arrives. 


She shares:  

  • why she picked 4-weeks?
  • what will happen after those 4-weeks?
  • Her additional plans in case she wants more time off
  • how much time she’ll spend in the business once she returns
  • And … what she’ll do with the baby!

Whether you’re prepping for a maternity leave, a 4-week vacation … or just clockworking the business so you can be better prepared for the future, this episode will give you ideas and insights on why 4-weeks in the minimum you need to step away for. 

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