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Jan 1, 2020

Wow! With 2020 (and a new decade!) HERE, I thought it would be perfect timing to talk about the power of big thinking and designing your 2020 plan. I know many business owners struggle with making time for the visionary pieces of the business.


If you’re like so many of our clients and entrepreneurs we talk with, you’re a high achiever and pride yourself with being a “hard worker.” That can be one of the reasons that it’s challenging for you to get out of the Doing aspect of your business and step more into the Design aspect and highest value activities as the visionary.


On this episode I share why thinking of yourself as a super visionary as well as valuing that side is vital for leading as the captain of your ship.


I go into more detail on being the captain of your ship and Doing vs Designing in my free Find Your Business Bottleneck workshop and Quickstart Guide - my gift to you.


The reason you may be avoiding design time is that it often has delayed gratification, so it may be more challenging for you initially because DOING involves more instant gratification which you’re likely addicted to! We’re biased towards quick wins. Often the visionary, strategy + longer term higher level leadership work we need to be doing doesn’t come with quick wins.


Some tips for making sure you have design time planned in:

  • block off the time ON THE CALENDAR for “designing”
  • share with your team to keep accountable
  • step away from the computer
  • do something that inspires you


If you’re interested in joining us within our Run Like Clockwork Accelerator, we would love to support you this year in designing a business + team that runs itself! You can find all the details here.


Happy New Year + decade!