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Feb 19, 2020

We did it! Adrienne had her baby Kit and took her 4 week “vacation”...and Team RLC held down the fort! Phew!


On this special “Team Takeover” episode, Emily, Laurie and Erica share how the 4-week vacation went for the team. 


The team shares WINS that happened on the backend:

  • Hired Gabbi
  • Closed a cart without Adrienne
  • Enrolled new students
  • Made big decisions on our own
  • System Improvements & upgrades - team collaborations


What didn’t go so well:

  • Nothing major happened that couldn’t be dealt with by us! - 
  • Minor: emailed to wrong list a couple of times but kicked us into gear that there is a system failure here to be fixed.
  • Some strategy decisions just had to be made, with the realization that we might have to change things when she came back
  • No access to permissions to update Clickup


Each team member shares their biggest learnings. Overall, BIGGEST lesson is that we truly are not creating oxygen, so it is ok to make a decision with the information we have and keep moving forward.


On a 4-week vacation you can expect problems. You’re actually looking for problems because it gives you and your team clarity on what needs to be fixed when you return and gives your team a chance to flex their decision making muscles.


Does your 2020 business plan include a 4-week vacation (or do you want it to)? Not sure where to start clockworking your business + team to run itself when you step away? Great! Grab our Clockwork Quickstart Guide + Business Bottleneck training to get moving in the right direction.