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Dec 9, 2020

If you’ve ever wished your team members would take ownership of their role, you’re not alone. It is a very common challenge business owners have when it comes to their team members.


This week on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne and Gabrielle from Team RLC talk about the key ingredients needed to create a culture where taking ownership of your role is nurtured to become the norm.


Topics Adrienne + Gabrielle discuss on this episode

  • Why your team members might not be being proactive and taking initiative
  • How to know if you have inadvertently closed the road for the extra mile
  • The key ingredients that contribute to team members staying engaged and owning their role
  • Permission as a two-way street to autonomy
  • The value of time tracking to inform and support taking ownership + growth


If you truly want your business + team to run itself and remove yourself from the daily operations so you can take a fully unplugged 4-week vacation, creating a company culture where everyone takes ownership of their role is necessary and so rewarding. I hope this episode gives you some tangible next steps as well as casts a vision for what’s possible.


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