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Sep 25, 2020

Do you work with independent contractors within your business? Most likely, you’re saying YES right now. Independent contractors are a valuable part of small business operations, especially as you scale. 


So how do they fit into Clockworking? Can you even Clockwork your business with contractors popping in and out?


On today’s episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, we have Clockwork Superstars, Jessi Honard and Marie Parks, Co-Founders of North Star Messaging and Strategy sharing how they scaled their agency-style business with employees and independent contractors alike with Clockwork. So much valuable insight!


They also discuss:

  • Pivoting during COVID-19
  • Clockworking with independent contractors
  • How overwhelm is a choice
  • How things breaking while on vacation can be empowering


When Jessi + Marie found Clockwork, they were tired of working to the max. Now, they have a thriving team, work 25 hours a week, and take regular vacations to hike + write while their business + team continues to grow and run like clockwork.

If you're interested in getting the support you need to get clockworked, our Run Like Clockwork Accelerator program is open NOW for enrollment. You can go here for all the details: