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Nov 27, 2019

As Adrienne prepares for her upcoming maternity leave, she asked Mike for his best 4-week vacation advice. Since he’s been on 2 already and about to take his 3rd in December, he’s learned a lot about how to physically and emotionally prepare for 4 weeks away from the business. 


Mike shares about his own challenges + experiences, what he wishes he would have differently as well as:

  • how to get your brain to finally shut off, 
  • the need to become a super-visionary, 
  • why you need to watch-out for your ego when you go on vacation, 
  • and why damage to the business while you’re gone is a GOOD thing! 


Whether you’re ready to take your 4-week vacation soon, or you’ve got a year to plan --- this episode will be a game changer for you to start thinking about and implementing NOW as your prepare for your own Clockwork operation vacation!