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May 21, 2020

Are you fighting for your limitations?

You're probably saying "Of course not, Adrienne! That would be ridiculous."


I know, I know. To our logical, high-achieving, goal driven brains fighting for a limitation is not a smart move. Yet it's a question worth considering.


If you're listening to this podcast, I know you are a business owner who has big goals... and you also know that you desperately need to change the way you do business if you want to continue to grow — because right now you are maxed out in terms of your time + energy.


You would love to be able to free yourself up to focus on the more valuable projects...and maybe even hire some support to help you out, but you’re:

  • Unclear on what YOU should actually spend your time doing as CEO…
  • Maxed out and don’t have more time to pour into the business — or figuring out how to improve the business...
  • Afraid you can’t afford to hire someone no or ever...
  • Not sure what position to hire for next… and uncertain what that person would do, even if you *could* find them because the future seems so uncertain now...
  • Nervous because you’ve been burned before — and right now you feel like it’s just easier to do it all yourself!


I talk to so many business owners who want a change... but "don't feel ready" or "don't know where to start."


Maybe they don’t think they’re ready for Clockwork because: 

  • They’re afraid they don’t have time to implement — because they’re so busy working in their business, they don’t have time to work on it. 
  • They don’t have a huge budget or struggle with cash flow problems — so they’re always waiting for the “next big project” to be able to afford to invest in their business.
  • They don’t want to lead a big team, or they’re worried about making the wrong hiring decisions — so they’ve inadvertently created a revenue cap for their business and struggle to grow past it. 


The truth is, what’s really behind this feeling of being “not ready” is that they don’t trust themselves to make the right decisions that will allow them to grow and scale.


So back to my original question: "Are you fighting for your limitations... or truly open to new ways of doing things for better results?


Aurthur Ashe said "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."


Taking action starts with your mindset. I'm a super strategic and tactical process person, but I also know that your mindset will make or break your success.


So let me ask you: Who do you want to become as a CEO and business owner? Ex: I am a person who is resourceful with my time, money, and team.


Ok, good. Now what do you need to do/think NOW to be like that person now? 



  • Become resourceful with my time now: 3T


  • Become resourceful with my money: identify wasted time = $  (Amanda Bond screenshot on Kickoff sales page breaks down how minutes of trimmed time accounted for hundreds of dollars saved a year - super bite-sized)


  • Become resourceful with my team: capture systems


There are tactical processes that we teach within our Accelerator. It's VERY robust and produces incredible results for our clients.   If that feels too much and adds to the mind drama of overwhelm, then consider joining Kickoff. We created it for that exact reason: to help you START. You will get the tools to move your forward towards operational efficiency, even if you have no time, money, or team.  Quick, sustainable WINS.


You want Momentum? That momentum begins with a KICK of motion.