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Apr 22, 2020

In every new season in our life + business, it’s important to reevaluate efficiency. Time tracking is a great tool for understanding where you can improve your efficiency.


Last week we talked about creating efficiency in this new season and how, likely, efficiency in this season will look differently than it did in the past.


In this episode I discuss:

  • How often we do time tracking as a team
  • The difference between time tracking and taking action on it.
  • How we use the tracking review to improve efficiency using the 4 Ts
  • How each team member reflects and reviews their time tracking results
  • What I do as the business owner to give feedback to the team
  • Our biggest takeaways from our Q2 time tracking while taking into account the current pandemic


Even though everything feels far from normal right now, I want to encourage you to time track with your team right now. It is the perfect time to take a snapshot of what’s going on, where you can improve, where inefficiencies are happening and then do a review as a team.


Keep us posted if you do time tracking. We’d love to hear how it goes for you!


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