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Dec 2, 2020

If you’ve ever finished work at the end of the day or week and wondered “what in the world did I really do? Was it important? I know I’m the business owner… but what is my actual, most valuable role?” And on top of that, you realize that in any given week, you and most everyone on your team all are doing marketing, or checking the support inbox, or answering calls. Who should actually be doing each task?


There’s nothing as inefficient as confusion. Clarity is the fuel for an ultra-efficient business + team that runs like Clockwork.


This week on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, we have the power partnership of Katie DePaola + Liv Chapman as guests on the show! Katie + Liv are the CEO + COO of the Inner Glow Circle and share about how embracing your role + rebalancing the team are crucial parts of their Clockwork journey. 


In this episode Adrienne, Katie + Liv discuss:


  • Finding clarity + direction in your roles + those within your team
  • How Clockwork helps you become more proactive instead of reactive
  • Slowing down to track + analyze metrics for scaling
  • The power of partnership + how to make it work effectively

Learning to navigate resistance, embrace roles, and rebalance your team is an important, necessary part of Clockworking your business. Katie + Liv give an honest look into their journey with Clockwork as business partners + team leaders and how it’s affected their personal lives. You can also grab a copy of Katie’s new book, At Least You Look Good: Learning to Glow Through What You Go Through


This was such a great conversation! Let us know what resonated most with you!! Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork + @innerglowcircle

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