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Aug 26, 2020

Where were you and what were you doing when the idea for your business came to you?

Origin stories are so fascinating and give such fun insight into how businesses + non-profits came to be!


On this week’s Team Takeover episode of the Run like Clockwork Podcast, Clockwork superstar, Evan La Ruffa, shares his origin story for founding his non-profit, IPaintMyMind, which is making an incredible impact in Chicago, IL. He takes an entrepreneurial approach to non-profit work and shares how Clockworking his non-profit increased efficiency + impact.


Topics Evan + Emily cover are:

  • The similarities between a small business and non-profit organization
  • How to increase revenue to directly increase impact + deliver on the big promise
  • A misconception of how non-profit organizations can generate money 
  • How to hire + delegate so that you’re in a position to provide at your highest value level
  • Hiring to serve the QBR (Queen Bee Role) + using the “S Curve”


Evan embodies the core of the QBR + mission of IPaintMyMind: fun + professional! We know you will enjoy this episode and would love to hear what valuable take-aways you get from it! Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork and @ipaintmymind to let us know you listened!


If you are a non-profit business (or would like to nominate one), our scholarship application for non-profit founders to join our Accelerator program is open now through Aug 28th! The winner will be chosen and announced no later than September 4th.