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Aug 19, 2020

Non-profits operate just like businesses, except with much smaller operating budgets and they need operations support.  If you run (or support) a non-profit business, it’s even more vital to Clockwork the business to efficiently utilize the limited resources to maximize impact.


This week on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Clockwork superstar, Steve Lucin shares about his experience Clockworking his non-profit. Steve Lucin is a creative entrepreneur at and stakeholder of several businesses, including the non-profit, Support Creativity. Steve was the recipient of the Clockwork Accelerator scholarship last year and has since joined Continuum. So honored to have him in our Clockwork circle!


Topics covered in this episode:

  • How to be creative with resources when running a non-profit organization

  • Balancing + prioritizing multiple businesses along with a non-profit

  • March: the beginning and ending of so much in business + life

  • Taking a 4 week vacation / paternity leave

  • How to leverage a love/hate relationship with time-tracking

  • Implementing Clockwork through the Accelerator and Continuum


Steve shares so much valuable experience and perspective on what it’s like to Clockwork a non-profit as well as support non-profits through other business services. What a great example of generosity!


Non-profits are such an incredible contribution to our communities and world! Run Like Clockwork proudly supports non-profits through financial support as well as giving scholarships for non-profits to join our Accelerator program, so we can give back and create a ripple effect with our impact.


If you are a non-profit business (or would like to nominate one), our scholarship application for non-profit founders to join our Accelerator program are open now through Aug 28th! The winner will be chosen and announced on Sept 1st. Apply here.