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Jan 8, 2020

This episode is super special because, not only am I sharing incredible WINS of Clockwork Rockstars + how they did it, I’m doing it with my lead team member, Emily! Since one of Emily’s Clockwork hats is coaching within our Accelerator program, I thought who better to join me to shout out some of our incredible students and hopefully inspire you as you kick off the New Year in your business!


Since our Run Like Clockwork QBR (Queen Bee Role) is keeping our students accountable, we’ve integrated badges into the Clockwork Accelerator program that our students can collect throughout the program and earn rewards. Think Girl/Boy Scouts badges for your business. How cool is that?!


The badges that some of our Clockwork Rockstars earned that we highlight are:

  • ACDC Rockstar
  • Systems Snatcher
  • Graduate
  • 2 Week Vacation
  • Converts Like It’s Hot


We share these wins with you so you know it happens incrementally over time + it is possible. These business owners came into our Accelerator program less than 6 months ago and are already experiencing so many wins!


Qualities that helped these students have incredible wins (+ will help you too):

  • open to new ideas
  • do the work, show up on calls, ask questions
  • take advantage of every resource presented to them
  • ask for things that they need
  • focus on implementing

If you’re interested in joining us within our Run Like Clockwork Accelerator, we would love to support you this year in designing a business + team that runs itself! You can find all the details here.