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Jan 22, 2020

Here’s a juicy episode for you! I’m answering ALL your questions, rapidfire!


Questions I answer on this episode:


  1. How can I start implementing Clockworking with new hires from the very beginning?
  2. When hiring someone new -- how long should it take to get them fully integrated + into a fully ‘delegated’ state?
  3. What do you do when you want to fire almost everyone?
  4. How do I support my team with hitting income company income goals?
  5. How do I deal with team members making client facing mistakes?
  6. Do you have any advice for protecting design time and preventing it from devolving into other other D’s (doing, deciding, delegating)? 


I hope that me answering these questions helped clear up some of your own questions. And if any of these questions resonated with you or sparked more, nuanced questions for your business specifically, you may want to consider joining our Run Like Clockwork Accelerator where we can answer all your questions and provide specific feedback to your business. 


I plan to do more of these rapidfire Q + A episodes so if you have other questions, share them with us on Instagram @rlclockwork.