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Jan 25, 2023

“I can’t Clockwork my business because if I’m not working there is no business”.


If that’s a thought that has run through your head, this is your episode!


Julie is joined by Darcy O’Daniel, Executive Director of Noteable Progressions, and recent recipient of our Clockie award!


After starting her business by accident in 2011 (a family friend needed support), Darcy was able to grow her practice enough to leave her full time job and fully commit to the business in just one year.  And the growth just kept coming.


After reading Clockwork in 2018 she convinced herself, like most service based entrepreneurs, that while it was nice in theory there would be no way to fully implement this in her business because all of the actual services depended on her.

However, in Spring of 2021 after her husband had unexpectedly lost her job, it became more apparent that Clockworking was not a “some day” thing anymore… it needed to happen NOW for the security of the business and her family.

In this episode Darcy shares:

  • Why she no longer wants to have all the answers
  • The struggle of leaninging into continuous improvement
  • How clockworking has has helped her grow the business while doing less


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Want to learn more about Darcy?


After developing an early love for music, Darcy knew she wanted it to be a part of her career path. She hated performing (still does!) and didn’t feel that being a music teacher was right for her. When she had the opportunity to go to a presentation about a music therapy program at an adult day center, she knew she had found her future profession! 


Darcy has completed advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy and Sprouting Melodies. Her areas of specialty are early childhood, older adults, and neurologic music therapy. Her model of practice focuses on community music therapy, working with people in context with social and cultural factors and serving as a forum for advocacy and community awareness. In addition to supervising the team of music therapists at Noteable Progressions, Darcy is an active presenter providing workshops and in-service opportunities to teach and support agencies and families to use music purposefully in the centers, classrooms, and homes.


 Find her here: