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Jan 4, 2023

Do you want your business to be better?

I don’t know a single person who would ever say no to that question… so assuming you said yes, this is the podcast episode for you.

Today Emily is joined by recent Clockie winner Nathan Foeller of Minuteman Press of Stroudsburg.

We’re eager to share this episode because Nathan represents a niche of our Clockwork students that have been underrepresented on the podcast… manufacturing, in-person services, and franchises. 


And he also has a lot of valuable insights to share in this episode about how to make Clockworking work for your business, including:

  • Getting your team on board when they don’t typically work at a computer
  • How to continue evolving in your own role as the CEO + leader of the company
  • The positive impact focusing on efficiency will have on your revenue and profit margins


In Nathan’s own words, I can’t even put into words fully the difference this has made in our business, and I hope that everybody out there listening gets to experience the same thing we’ve been able to.”


If you want to learn more about how to work with us to Clockwork your business too, visit

Nathan lives in Northeast PA with his wife, Laura and their three daughters.  What initially started as some graphic design for his church turned into a side business that eventually led to buying a failing local print shop (a Minuteman Press franchise).  


Over the next nine years, they acquired three other local printing companies and rolled them into the business.  They’ve now grown to a team of seven and the business has become very successful.


You can learn more about the amazing services Nathan and his team are offering at and at


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