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Aug 30, 2022

The revised and expanded edition of Clockwork is out today!

Clockworking is an iterative process, and after years of working with our clients and learning the best ways to implement these systems, it became apparent that the content in the book needed to be updated to reflect the most efficient ways to Clockwork. 

This has been a long time in the making for us, and we are thrilled that old and new readers alike will get to experience the true transformations that are possible

In this episode Adrienne and Mike go deep on: 

  • Why the  revised and expanded edition has over 60% new content
  • Why each and every chapter of the new book has a clear way to engage your teams
  • What the process is like writing a revised edition of a book, and what you can expect whether you’ve read the first book or not (because this is a completely different book!)


Remember, clockworking is not about extracting you from the business so the business doesn't need you. It's allowing you to find where you fit within the business, so you can design it to run itself. 

But you need to take the first step. 

You can grab Clockwork Revised and Expanded: Design your Business to Run Itself here, or wherever books are sold.