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Aug 17, 2022

Today we want to talk about one of the clockwork traps we need everyone to watch out for - the 3T Trap.


When we talk about clockworking we often focus on the leader's role - how we can move them closer to their ideal 4D mix and remove them as the bottleneck. 


And that IS true, but we have to be careful not to turn someone else into the bottleneck in the process.


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Emily and Gabbi:

  1. Briefly explain the 3Ts 
  2. Share more about why we must reverse engineer this process in order to do it responsibly
  3. Talk about Gabbi's story of becoming the tech bottleneck on our own team!

Even with the best of intentions this often happens slowly, so you don't realize it's happening until it's too late. 


Successfully “3Ting” is essential to clockworking though, so if you need a little extra guidance on how to rebalance the tasks on your team, check out to learn more!