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Mar 23, 2022

So you’ve made a new hire, now what?

In this episode, Julie is joined by two of Run Like Clockwork’s newest team members Rane Kwapien and Sandy Miller to talk about their experience onboarding using the Clockwork methods.

They cover:

  • The most important things that will set you up for a successful onboarding
  • How to set your new hires up to win right away
  • Why and when to check in with new team members.
  • How to help people overcome their first day jitters.


If you can create connection, community, and culture in the very infancy stages of onboarding a new team member, then you're already building that trust and autonomy that’s going to lead to a really strong team dynamic.

Feel like this is the missing piece to your hiring process? Check out to learn more about how we can help!