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Nov 3, 2021

What does “going all in” look like to you? When you do go “all in,” how long do you maintain that level of focus and dedication? Are you in it for a quick result or do you embrace the process?


Starting this week through the end of 2021, we are revisiting some great guest episodes... with a little twist! At the end, you will hear an update on how things are going after a year of Clockworking!

This week’s guest on the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Maleeka Hollaway, is an excellent example of going ALL IN on Clockworking and embracing the process as a long-term solution. Maleeka is the CEO of The OMG (The Official Maleeka Group), a thriving PR agency. When she joined the Clockwork Accelerator program, she jumped in the deep-end and her team followed her lead.


Some of the things Emily + Maleeka cover:

  • Clockworking to maintain a certain quality of life
  • The value of having a team who’s all in, too
  • The mindset shift needed to remove yourself from a company with your name in the title
  • The power of embracing the process
  • Slowing down to identify the gaps and improve
  • Hiring and integrating the new team members into the Clockwork process


Maleeka’s whose story about going ALL IN is so powerful... and you'll never believe what has happened with her team over the past year! Proof of what's possible with Clockwork!

If you are a non-profit business (or would like to nominate one), our scholarship application for non-profit founders to join our Accelerator program is open now through Nov 30th! The winners will be chosen and announced no later than December 1st.