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Oct 6, 2021

Over the past several weeks we've talked about common cycles business leaders + team members get stuck in: burnout, hiring + firing, being in motion instead of in action, and now today we're talking about getting stuck in short term ways of thinking.


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork podcast, Adrienne + Tyler wrap up our Breaking the Cycle series by giving you tools to break the cycle of short term decision making so you can operate your business for long-term success.


Some of the things they cover:

  • How your vision can be an efficiency tool
  • Using financial forecasting for future-focused decision making
  • Breaking the cycle by moving from Doing to Designing


We hope you have enjoyed and found value from the Breaking the Cycle series! You can catch up on past episodes and gain actionable strategies for breaking out of the cycles that so many business leaders and team members get stuck in. There is a better, more efficient way!


If you would like support in moving towards long-term vision + ways of operating, we'd love to work with you! Apply for our Accelerator program. You will also get instant access to a free, private training all about “How to take your 4 week vacation in the next 12 months” which dives deep into how to design your business + team that runs itself.