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Aug 25, 2021

One question that comes up a lot from business leaders we work with who are embarking on a new project, product, experience, or event is “does my team have the skills + capacity for this fill in the blank or do I need to hire an expert?” This is a fantastic efficiency question!


Our guest on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast is Emily Murnen, CEO of Wild Elm Events. Emily has become a special part of our Run Like Clockwork team as she is the mastermind behind our Clockwork virtual events! In this episode, Erica + Emily talk all things events, efficiency, and ultimately how to know when to DIY a project, event, or experience or when to call in the expert.


Topics Erica + Emily cover in this episode:

  • Taking inspiration for your business outside your industry
  • Tips for creating an engaging event that you can apply to every business experience
  • How to decide when to DIY a project, event, or experience… or when to call in an expert
  • Emily’s must-have efficiency tools
  • Are in-person events making a comeback?


Even if events aren’t in your business future, this conversations is packed full of tips for combining content + community into your business projects, experience, and team. This is such a great conversation! We would love to hear your favorite take-away! Share it in our Run Like Clockwork Free Community and connect with other like-minded business owners.


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