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Jan 26, 2022

“Vision with action makes a powerful reality.” Fully believing in your vision then getting others on your team who partner in your vision creates powerful momentum.


Our guest on this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast is Dr Shawn Hondorp, CEO of The Psychology of Wellness and host of the Motivation Made Easy: Body Respect, True Health podcast. Dr Shawn Hondorp shares how using a strong vision helped her navigate going from a solopreneur to growing a new team.


In this episode, you’ll discover—


  • Using your vision to hire aligned + enthusiastic team members
  • How Dr Shawn went from solopreneur to a team of interns + paid team members in just 12 months
  • The value of taking a vacation as a high achiever

If you identify yourself as a high-achiever who wants a life outside of business, you will love this episode. Be sure to connect with Dr Shawn Hondorp on Instagram @psychology.of.wellness and check out her podcast

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