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Feb 3, 2021

Trust is one of the most important variables to Clockworking success. Trust influences delegation, communication, team culture, autonomy, efficiency, and overall team interactions. Thankfully, trust is not a finite resource that you either have or don’t have. It is something you build over time.


In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, we continue our series on Trust by giving you tools and resources for building trust within your team + yourself.


Topics Adrienne + Emily discuss:

  • Indicators you might have a lack of trust within your team
  • The parallel between trust in your personal relationships + your team members
  • Tips + tools to build trust with your team
  • How a mindset of continuous improvement builds trust + efficiency


How is your team doing now when it comes to trust? After listening to this episode, which indicators of a breakdown of trust surface in your team culture? Which tool can you implement immediately to help build trust on your team?


We’d love to hear what resonated with you and if you found these tips helpful! We’d also love to hear what Enneagram Type you are!  Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork


If you want our support on this, you can always apply for our program. We also have a free, private training that you can apply for. It’s all about “How to take your 4 week vacation in the next 12 months” which dives deep into how to design your business + team that runs itself.