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Jun 10, 2020

Exciting news!


In light of everything going on in the world, between the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and economic uncertainty, what feels more important than ever before is community. I’ve wrestled with the idea of creating a Facebook community for a while because I wanted to make sure our team had the capacity to support and hold the energetic space for a community, but now I’ve felt this push - It’s time. Let’s do it!


Join our new, free Clockwork Community!


What the Clockwork Community is for:

  • For Clockworkers with the common goal of creating efficiency within your team + business
  • A space for peers to come together and discuss clockworking
  • A safe place to share ideas + what is/not working for you so you’re not doing it alone
  • A space to cheer each other on + hold each other accountable


While our RLC team will not be doing 1 on 1 support + feedback like you would get in one of our paid programs, we will lead, engage, and do live q+a sessions within the free Clockwork Community.


The free Clockwork Community on Monday, June 15th and we’re having a welcome party! 


Request to join now + then on Monday we’ll let everyone in!


I hope you’ll join us!