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Sep 28, 2020

“The business was very clearly running us… now we have the space to have longer mornings, grow as leaders, and show up better in our business.”


On today’s episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Clockwork Rockstars, Shay + Cassie, Co-Founders of the Bucketlist BombshellsTM share how Clockwork has helped them lead and grow a business + team to live a fulfilling and abundant life beyond business. Their story is so inspiring and a testament to what is possible through Clockwork!


Topics Cassie + Shay cover in this episode:

  • Scaling your business on the backend + frontend
  • Internal + external growth
  • The connection between anxiety and trust
  • How growing a business is growing yourself
  • Building a life beyond business
  • How to hire + hand over ownership


  • How they grew from a team of 5 to now 20, completely remote + global



Growth is essential for leading + scaling a business, both internally as a leader and internally in operations. When you grow a business, you really grow yourself.


Building and leading a business doesn’t have to become your life. Clockwork helps you design a business + team that runs itself… so you can have a life beyond business.


If you're interested in getting the support you need to get clockworked, our Run Like Clockwork Accelerator program is open NOW for enrollment. You can go here for all the details: