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Jan 6, 2021

One thing that never ends as a business owner - hiring.


Especially as you remove yourself from your business + design a team that runs itself, you will be hiring more frequently, which is a great thing! It can also feel daunting at times as it is a skill to continually improve. We have a process for job posting + hiring that we teach within our Accelerator program, but we wanted to share some tips that will be helpful for you now.


This week on the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne and Emily share 6 failproof tips for hiring amazing people! These same tips are what Emily used to hire + double our team in the past 6 months! 


In this episode Emily + Adrienne discuss:

  • Our top 6 failproof tips for hiring amazing people
  • The ONE thing you must do before hiring
  • Our secret sauce for creating stellar job postings
  • How tracking your time is more important for your business than financial tracking
  • Bonus tip for hiring the best for your team


We’re so excited to support you as your business grows and you rebalance your team! There are incredible people waiting to join your company - we promise! We hope you find these tips helpful for hiring amazing people.


To get started on Clockwork and see some hiring strategies + a job posting example, grab the free Clockwork Kit here.


What qualities do you look for in a team member? What is the next role you think you’d like to hire? We’d love to hear!! Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork


And as always, we’re continuing the conversation over in our free Run Like Clockwork Community! We’d love to hear your Clockwork questions!