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May 13, 2020

Many people are talking about what to do if your business + sales are completely tanking right now. But what about the flip side? What if you are actually experiencing explosive growth?


On this week’s episode of the Run Like Clockwork podcast, I want to address what you need to do to keep up with fast growth and high demand. I have 5 quick tips on what to do if your business is growing too quickly right now.


  1. Know where your time is going.
  2. Transfer, automate + trust. 
  3. Capture systems + hire.
  4. Know your costs.
  5. Deliver with excellence + determine client capacity.


I explain these 5 tips in more depth + give actionable steps on this episode. I also give an example of a business owner whose side business is now scaling too quickly and how these efficiency principals are vital for profitable growth right now. If navigating + leveraging quick growth is something you are struggling with and want support around, I’d like to invite you to join our Clockwork Accelerator.


“The best marketing you can do is delivering with excellence.”


You are also invited to a free training Mike Michalowicz + I (Adrienne Dorison) are doing called GET LEAN: creating efficiency in your business during inefficient times on Monday, May 18th at 3pm ET.


In this training, we’ll cover . . .

  • The 5 stages of navigating a recession.
  • Mike’s block control method for getting shit done.
  • A quick hack for shifting your mindset, even when things are tough.
  • The Pareto method you can use to chop your workload in half.
  • Plus we’ll do some LIVE coaching w/ some attendees!


No one can afford to remain bulky in their business, regardless if business is slow or coming in fast, so join us for this free training and steal our best efficiency tools for your business.


This works for ANY business, in ANY industry, at ANY revenue level!