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Apr 12, 2023

After countless requests, team meetings, and middle of the night stress sessions… The timing is finally right for us to introduce Clockwork Certified Partners. 

Today on the podcast, Adrienne and Emily pull back the curtain on the long road to this announcement, and what future partners can expect.

They cover:

  • What will it mean to "get certified"

  • Why it took you so long to be ready to offer this

  • How will it differ from the Accelerator program

  • Who is and isn't a good fit for certification


If you've been wanting to use the Clockwork System™️ with your clients be sure to give this one a listen, and also sign up for the waitlist/application at

One more quick announcement… The RLC Podcast is going to be taking a short hiatus after this episode! Not for long, and we will definitely be back with a fresh and exciting way for you to listen.

In the meantime, our “cousin” podcast, Dear Work Wives, officially launches on April 18th! You can listen wherever you get your podcasts, and submit a story at to be featured!

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